In this webinar, Lighting Designer Jeremy Roth shares his seasoned approach to using wysiwyg for everything from concert tours and festivals, to art installations and corporate events.

Using real-life examples, Roth provides viewers with tips and tricks on how to effectively work with wysiwyg when drafting designs, and how the software is an invaluable and effective aid to the production process.

A wysiwyg user since R1, Jeremy Roth is a Lighting and Production Designer best known for his blended style. By combining traditional theatrical elements with today’s technologies, his designs are warm, natural, and mindfully inclusive of onstage performers without distracting from their performances. His designs are currently touring with artists including Wilco, Sheryl Crow, Ray LaMontagne, Neko Case, Nathanial Rateliff & the Night Sweats, and more. His work in interactive art installation has been on recent display at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASSMoCA), as well as Coachella.

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