Bring your design concepts to life

Sometimes it can be hard to create, design or convey a concept without visuals. This course will show you how to bring your design concepts to life. Set your lighting fixtures’ intensity, position, colour, gobos and more without the need to connect with an external source. With wysiwyg it is easy to create scenes and present virtual simulations.

  • Grow and update your skills and experience

  • Study at a time to suit you with access to course content for 3 months

  • Assessments and quizzes throughout

  • Official wysiwyg certificate of completion with 2 year validity

Course Curriculum

    1. Before you begin...

    2. How to use this course

    3. Introduction

    4. Course Materials

    1. Fixture Selection

    2. Shaded View Control

    3. Design Tool Basics

    4. Advanced Design Tools: Fanning Fixtures

    5. Advanced Design Tools: Focus Positions

    6. Shaded View Settings

    7. Test Your Knowledge

    1. Creating Looks

    2. Cuelist Editor

    3. Video Content & Screens

    4. Scenic Automation

    5. Test Your Knowledge

    1. Cameras

    2. Camera Paths

    3. Image Export

    4. Video Export

    5. Test Your Knowledge

    1. End of Course Summary

    2. Before you go...

    3. Additional learning material

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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Course Testimonials

Malcolm Glanville

Theatre Technical Consultant and Contractor

I have been using wysiwyg for many years and it is possible to get into inefficient lazy procedures. I feel that this course has sharpened up my approach to new projects.

Donald Holder

Broadway Lighting Designer

I always knew wysiwyg was a powerful and versatile platform, but I now have a much deeper understanding about what's really possible to create using the software.

Chris Yeomans

Lighting Director at MIRRAD

This course covered a great amount of content which were all very useful.

John Taylor

Strategic Consultant at Dirt Empire

I learned about shortcuts that would not otherwise be intuitive.

Shawn Fife

Owner, Stage Masters LLC

I've used wysiwyg for years but not to it's full capability by any right now my brain is on overload (in a good way). I feel everything was covered very well.

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