Professionally Rewarding

The ultimate wysiwyg credential. A certified wysiwyg professional uses the most up-to-date software, has comprehensive product knowledge and extensive practical experience of using CAST products. The holder of this certification demonstrates commitment to superior professionalism, upholding of industry standards and uses wysiwyg effectively for the benefit productions and clients. Getting certified can help you further your career by demonstrating proficiency, set yourself apart from your peers, or confirm your professional status and earn the respect you deserve.

  • Enhance your professional credibility by obtaining a worldwide recognized WYSIWYG certification

  • A certificate and digital badge to add to marketing materials, websites, business cards to differentiate yourself and your organization

  • Advance your career and increase your value with your details included in our public list of recommended WYSIWYG professionals

  • Grow your knowledge and skills: Learn about software updates first, as part of the WYSIWYG Beta team

Certified professionals have:

  • 5 + years WYSIWYG experience

  • Previously achieved Certified Designer status or have an extensive WYSIWYG portfolio of work

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the entire WYSIWYG ecosystem

  • Up-to-date WYSIWYG membership or lease running the latest software version

What does it involve?

Step 1: Online Pre-Assessment

Check, based on your current level of experience if this certification is for you. It's free and quick taking around 30 minutes to complete the survey and short test. The online pre-assessment can help you identify areas for development.
  • Step 2: Register and pay for Experience Assessment

    Once you've completed the online Pre-Assessment you can register and pay for your complete Experience Assessment.

  • Step 3: Online assessment

    This certification is an evidence-based assessment that provides a measurement of competency. You will submit evidence of four realized events that demonstrate your competency in using WYSIWYG.

  • Step 4: Professional discussion

    Approximately three to four weeks after you submit your online assessment, you’ll be invited to a one hour online interview with a member of the WYSIWYG product team. The assessor will ask questions about your career, assessment submission and may ask for additional examples or evidence of WYSIWYG experience.

  • Step 5: Outcome

    You'll receive the outcome of your Experience Assessment, along with a report to support your continuing professional development, within six weeks of your interview. If you're successful, you'll be awarded Certified WYSIWYG Professional status. You will receive a digital certificate and badge to share on social media and embed on your website or portfolio.

Certification Pricing

  • Initial Certification

    The one-time fee for Professional Certification assessment is $499 USD, non-refundable, payable in advance. Certification is valid for 1 year.

  • Renewal

    As a Certified Professional, subject to you maintaining a current portfolio of work on our directory and up-to-date membership or lease, your certification is automatically renewed with no additional cost.