How do you transform a monumental industrial shipyard building into a museum for street art?

This webinar  looks at a very unique project involving a 2-year design process mixing daylight, theatre, exhibition and architectural lighting in a rough and tough, ‘one-of-a-kind’ venue.

Communicating about light is not easy. Theatermachine use visualization to provide a clear understanding of the image at an early stage. Later in the design process, they work with test setups to show the spectator’s experience. 

Theatermachine is a partnership between Floriaan Ganzevoort, Isabel Nielen and Mike Evers.  They specialize in light design and consultancy work in theatre, museums and architecture and design light as an independent art form.

This webinar will show you:

* How wysiwyg can be used to visualize non-performance/architectural projects

* The benefits of integrating multiple visualization  techniques

How to use daylight functions within wysiwyg

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