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A comprehensive course designed for experienced lighting professionals who are looking to further their knowledge of wysiwyg. In this course you will enhance your knowledge and operation of wysiwyg, explore advanced features, and techniques to optimize your files. You will learn the processes and techniques recommended to create, develop and implement lighting concepts. Having designed and integrated different elements of lighting, video, lasers and/or motion systems into your file you will patch and focus fixtures, build LED walls and add multi-media. By the end of the course you will be able to connect to lighting consoles and control fixtures in the virtual world to pre-program your show.

  • Grow and update your skills and experience

  • Advanced level course; prior wysiwyg experience required

  • Over 10 hours of on-demand video lessons and tutorials

  • Practice assignments and quizzes throughout

  • Study and revisit with access to course content for 3 months

  • 1 hour live online feedback session with a wysiwyg trainer included

  • Digital certificate of completion with 2 year validity

Course Curriculum

    1. A message from the instructor

    2. How to use this course

    3. Before we begin...

    4. Course material

    1. What is MVR?

    2. MVR files

    3. Custom texture and materials

    4. Creating audio elements

    5. Creating stage barriers

    6. Creating audiences

    7. Normal mapping

    8. Scrim and Alpha Beam 

    9. Neon Signs, El Wire and Light Emission

    10. Test your knowledge

    11. Practical task

    1. Creating Rigging Points 

    2. Rigging Points Quick Tool

    3. Rigging Points Spreadsheet

    4. Truss Assembly 

    5. Creating a unique truss shape 

    6. Managing truss

    7. Test your knowledge

    8. Practical task

    1. Reassembling trusses

    2. Rolling and rotating truss

    3. Mounting options

    4. Practical task

    1. Fixtures on curved truss

    2. Arraying and distributing fixtures

    3. Snapping

    4. Cloning and relocating

    5. Creating a custom Gobo 

    1. Frames

    2. Practical task

About this course

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  • 75 lessons

Course Launching - Summer 2022

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